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Credit Repair Debt Consolidation
Here's a way you can't help but make money in a business working from home. This one is BIG, yes it's HUGE!!! I'm talking about the 3.5 trillion dollar a year mortgage industry. I'm talking about the credit repair debt consolidation business. The lucrative opportunity in this is not surprising since 99% of all houses have mortgages. That's 97 million mortgages in the United States. With the building of new houses, people selling houses and moving to different houses, and people with mortgages refinancing to get better loans or just to get equity from their house, it is no surprise that there is money to be made in mortgages. You can make money and save other people money by providing people better mortgages than what they have. Lots of people have gotten themselves into bad loans and you can provide them with good ones.
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Home Mortgage Bad Credit
If you are in dire need of money and don't have the financial means for a large cash transaction to buy a house, then opting for a home mortgage is worth consideration. However, if you are not in a strong financial position, home mortgage, bad credit, are terms which don't go together well, and are almost mutually exclusive, rather like the term "lead balloon". Basically, a mortgage refers to a long-standing credit that a debtor obtains from a financial institution or from a property seller. In most cases, the house is the usual collateral for the mortgage, thus the term "home mortgage". In turn, the mortgage lender will be entitled to some legal rights upon the property as long as the mortgage is in full force or until the debtor pays back the loan. A home mortgage serves as security for loans, thus giving the lender the power to acquire the property through foreclosure in the event that the borrower fails to pay the loan on time. Thus it is quite understandable that a mortgage lender will not be very keen to offer a home mortgage for bad credit history.
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