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You want to add a deck to your home to enjoy your evenings outside with your family and friends. You have cash sitting in your bank or you have a few credit cards that you can tap into to finance your home improvement. What is the best option for your home improvement finance? Should you get a Home Equity Line of Credit? Making the right decision is based on knowing various pros and cons of different ways to finance your project and your current situation. Even if you have cash sitting in the bank, it may not always be the best option. If you have cash at hand, it should be earning at least 5% in a savings account. If you are not earning 5% from your bank, dump them and go to a bank that will give you at least 5% on your money. Search the Internet and you will be able to find a few online savings accounts, offered by well known banks like Citibank, Emigrant bank or HSBC that will give you a 5% return on your deposit.
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Personal Financial Plan
Accounting for your own personal finances is the first step toward building lasting wealth. It is essential to know the amount of your Owner's Equity before you can start to develop a good financial plan. Once you know what your assets are, and you know what your liabilities are, then you can calculate your Owner's Equity. Then you can develop a financial plan to reduce your debt and achieve your financial goals.
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