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Using Lease Options
Really, if you think about it, buying a property and renting it out is nothing new in the world of real estate investing. The practice has been going around much longer than any of the real estate gurus that created these "get rich" real estate courses! So why is everyone making such a big hoopla about using lease options? Lease options are targeted at people who want to own a home but who lack the cash down payment, credit, and/or income to qualify for the mortgage. Lease Options are similar in that they often lock in the price of the home at the onset of the contract. Lease Options can be a fabulous way to accumulate real estate and don't just have to be for first-time-buyers.
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The Lease Option Purchase
If you are an investor that sells properties using lease options you no-doubt understand why it can be an appealing avenue for those that need rental history and/or rent credits to counter challenging credit reports. But, would YOU consider buying a property using a lease option purchase? You better! There is a reason that some of the most successful real estate investors, including Donald Trump, use the lease option purchase technique (ok, there are actually several reasons!).
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